Kickstarting a brand’s TikTok and growing to 10k followers in one month.

September 19, 2022

Brand Story

Luma Oral Care is a premium dental hygiene that aims to make the world a brighter place, one healthy smile at a time. They focus on producing teeth-whitening products without harsh chemicals like peroxide that actually damage the teeth.

The Problem

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2014, Apple unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 14, among other announcements. However, in the world of ad tech and mobile in-app advertising, the biggest news from WWDC this year was related to its ID for Advertisers (IDFA).

Specifically, Apple now requires every app to gain user permission to collect and use their IDFA for advertising purposes. Apps can only ask for opt-in permission once, the look and language of the ask is largely set, and all iOS apps will be required to ask their users on iOS 14 and greater. This gave rise to exorbitant customer acquisition rates for brands since targeting became more difficult. Luma Oral Care was one such brand.

The Growth Heist Solution

Our strategy took more or less a full funnel approach where at top of funnel we targeted a broad audience with UGC ads that were designed for engagement and to spark overall interest.

We then retargeted the people that showed interest in ads that had creatives centred around showing a discount in the first 3 seconds, talking about the product's value proposition, or answering any objections.

The Results

We consistently achieved 3x+ RoI using this strategy. Moreover, this was a new account and the number of followers grew to over 10,000

Daily: $5,279.76 => $16,472.86 (3.12x ROAS)